Our team is tackling the issue of how to make book sharing and swapping easier on campus. We all know how annoying the process typically is and how much money we have spend on text books! Not to mention all the paper that gets used when buying new books. It’s our goal to help the environment and our wallets by making booksharing and swapping easier on campus.

So far, we’ve scoped out other initiatives on campus that also do bookswapping. They’re doing some great work, but we’re trying to uncover latent needs that may be currently overlooked with existing service providers. We have done over 150 surveys, 20 interviews and research on booksharing programs throughout the country.

Based on our interviews, observations and surveys, we’ve created a user journey map (see above) to identify where some of the unmet needs might be. We conducted our first brainstorming session and came up with 11 ideas grouped into 4 different categories. Our next week challenge is to conduct another brainstorming session to come up with couple major ideas that we can present at the Feb 17th review, and test the concepts with actual users!

To check out our progress, click here!