DFA HQ spoke with the awesome bunch of core-team DFA students over at Cornell this week and their projects looking at healthy food for both the Cornell and Ithaca community are off to a great start! They’re doing their research, talking to users and domain experts and getting ready for this weekend’s Ideation Charrette!

This two day event will present the student’s research to date and bring in folks from throughout the community to chime in and develop creative ideas about how to tackle the challenges ahead. DFA’s Sami Nerenberg will be joining the crew on Sunday, on their second day, to share some insights about DFA and design, while the groups present their ideas for discussion! From here, the core-team will take these creative ideas and whittle them down into some actionable designs to see how they can meet the needs of their community. We’re super excited to see how things turn out this weekend! Stay tuned for updates!

Check out DFA Cornell’s Facebook Event for this weekend here.