Why Cornell is Ripe for DFA

April 14, 2011Cornell

DFA just got back from an awesome visit with Cornell’s emerging studio group as they get ready for their applications. The core team of about 12 students committed over 8 hours to the planning and execution of this ideation weekend to hash out some of their ideas for gaining access to fresh food for both … Read More

Why Dartmouth is Ripe for DFA

April 14, 2011Dartmouth 1 Comment

Something special is happening at Dartmouth. There is an electrifying energy there with passionate students. There is one Professor that seems to be leading the pack, Professor Peter Robbie.  With a background in English and sculpture,

DFA’s Yuri Malina chosen as Sandbox Entrepreneur!

April 13, 2011Environment, Northwestern

Founded in May 2009, Sandbox is the foremost global community of extraordinary young achievers between 20 and 30. They identify entrepreneurial young people worldwide that already have an impressive impact at a very young age, no matter in what field or industry. Our very own Yuri Malina has been chosen as a Sandbox Entrepeneur and … Read More

DFA’s Sami Nerenberg Speaks at NE IDSA Conference

April 9, 2011Design, RISD | Brown

Why do we need new designs? Is it simply to create another version of last year’s gizmo? Ideally, the goal is to improve the world we live in. But that can mean a lot of different things—a healthier planet, a better user experience, a growing business, a stronger community and more. What do you design … Read More

Why Stanford is Ripe for DFA

April 7, 2011Design, Stanford

You know the d.school and we all love their work. But did you know that the d.school is only for grad students and tons of students get turned away from their course work each year? Similarly, their Design for Extreme Affordability class is equally as popular and maxed out in capacity.