You know the and we all love their work. But did you know that the is only for grad students and tons of students get turned away from their course work each year? Similarly, their Design for Extreme Affordability class is equally as popular and maxed out in capacity. With it’s close proximity and influence from the world renowned IDEO, Stanford is full or creative minds passionate about the world and passionate about design. There is a burning desire from the students over there to sink their teeth into some meaty challenges. Which may explain how we got started with them and hope to see something flourish as we start to open up our DfA Applications.

Freshman Aidan Baker and DfA team just launched the first DfA info event over there this Monday and the results: awesome! With over 20 students present, ideas were flowing and excitement was burning. Stay tuned as a core team develops and they start to put their application together to run an official DfA Studio next Fall. Go Stanford, we’re rooting for you!