Why do we need new designs? Is it simply to create another version of last year’s gizmo? Ideally, the goal is to improve the world we live in. But that can mean a lot of different things—a healthier planet, a better user experience, a growing business, a stronger community and more. What do you design for?


At the 2011 IDSA Northeast Conference, the speakers explained what they Design4 and their innovative approaches for reaching their goals. Amongst an impressive group of speakers, our very own Sami Nerenberg spoke to tell the audience about Design for America!

With a seamless presentation Sami had lines of students, faculty and design professionals waiting to speak with her afterward. Not to mention, just hugs from some familiar faces as the conference was hosted at Sami’s alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design. 

The presentation was followed by a flutter of conversation on Twitter as well as many students giving a shout out for wanting to join! Just in time for the upcoming release of our applications, so stay tuned for what’s next!!