Something special is happening at Dartmouth. There is an electrifying energy there with passionate students. There is one Professor that seems to be leading the pack, Professor Peter Robbie.  With a background in English and sculpture, Robbie brings a balance of right and left brain thinking that seems to be giving the students what they are hungry for, “Design Thinking.” Students are getting a taste of design through Professor Robbie’s course work and they are apparently wanting more as evidenced by the fact that over 70 students showed up for the Innovation Workshop led by Design for America’s Sami Nerenberg this Monday.

After the workshop, Sami got to sit down with about 10 students who are ready to put a stake in the ground to bring DFA to Dartmouth and work on their applications which are opening next week, not to mention another 7 who signed up online. It was an exciting time to be there and we look forward to seeing what happens next!

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  • Wow! Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories reminds me that anything is possible. Congratulations on a great kick-off!

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