Dartmouth just kicked off their application process with their first team meeting last night with about 20 attendees. We just got a report back which was both inspiring and exciting.

Here’s a message from one of the DFA Dartmouth mentors, Daniel Harburg, that pretty much sums things up:

Thanks so much to those who came tonight! Here’s the group photo from tonight’s meeting! DFA Dartmouth in our youth.

There were so many wonderful ideas and perspectives tonight. One of my favorite comments from tonight was that our dream for DFA at Dartmouth is to figure out what we are capable of doing. What can a university of highly-talented and driven students do? Can we change the system in a meaningful way to improve lives? How can we impact the upper valley by collaborating across all the lines that divide our campus? I believe we are going to find that we are capable of amazing things.

We are going to move swiftly so that we can sustain our tremendous momentum. If you want to apply for a leadership role for next fall and attend the summit this summer, we are going to meet this week (before Friday).

For the rest of you, those who are stepping up for possible leadership roles will contact you all at the end of you week with some next steps to work towards our studio application.

I am extremely excited to see what we can do.



  • Wow team, this is so exciting and inspiring. We too are excited to see what you guys come up with and are thrilled at the questions you are asking. We also encourage to not only look at the amazing talent you have among the student body, but also the amazing resources and knowledge within your surrounding community. These types of collaborations will help unlock some amazing answers.

  • Dan, I think the better questions is “What aren’t you capable of?!” 🙂

    Very exciting stuff.

  • Yuri and Sami, thanks for all the support. We have a truly amazing group of students here who are ready to challenge the status quo and search for every possible way to improve the lives of those in our community. This revolution is just getting started.

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