APPLICATION COUNTDOWN: 4 DAYS!! Design for America at UCLA is off to a fantastic start. As many of you know, DFA focuses on creating local, social impact through design and UCLA’s team has gone to the ends of the earth to find students who are enthusiastic and dedicated to doing so. Literally! Their first meeting was help on campus at UCLA, but had students from around the world participating via a group video chat. It included team members in Taiwan, India, San Francisco and Chicago Now that’s dedication!

Here’s a word from one of their team leaders, Amanda Isaacson:

In our first meeting, we were lucky to have Yuri Malina and Aaron Horowitz from DFA @ Northwestern drop by (virtually) to describe the program and their experiences. The rest of our meeting was filled with lots of brainstorming and we discovered that as a group we have a lot of passion for a wide range of issues, but especially environmental ones. After more brainstorming and lively debate, we decided to focus on addressing the vast amount of one-time use items (disposable) that are thrown away everyday in the student center.

We wrapped up the meeting by identifying a myriad of people, places and things we can explore to better understand the problem. We had a set of the IDEO method cards which helped inspire our approach to observation. So we’re off to learn what people are seeing, saying and doing and will met-up again on Thursday to share. That’s all for our update and we look forward to growing the DFA network and getting to know students at other schools also interested in making a meaningful impact!

The Design for America team at UCLA


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