APPLICATION COUNTDOWN: 3 DAYS!! Amidst sleepless nights for those at Cornell during finals, they’re still managing to turn in an awesome application and build on this semester’s momentum of great work looking at access to fresh food on campus and in the Ithaca community.

With their semester over, they now have the next few days to wrap up and turn in a stellar application. We Skyped with both potential leaders Mariel Strauch and Ada Ng a few weeks ago- sounds like they’ve got some fun application materials planned that we’re excited to see on Wednesday! Check out some of their progress so far.

DFA Cornell is incredibly excited to be submitting our application to continue next year. We are intent on building an even stronger following by using our current members as recruiters. Our research this semester on local, fresh food and its accessibility to kids on campus was inspiring and we can’t wait for new members to give us their input as well. We aim to have implemented our studies and problem-solving ideas into the Cornell community by the end of next semester (Fall 2011). Through the energetic and diverse students here, we are excited to make a direct impact on our community!