Dartmouth: Nearing the Finish Line! The word is spreading like wildfire as the DFA Dartmouth team nears the finish line for their applications. They’ve got students from throughout campus getting involved and have gotten emails from international students who haven’t even started school yet as well students who are off-campus this term. There certainly seems to be an unstoppable passion from the students there and we can’t wait to see their final applications!

Below is an update from the Dartmouth team:

Tackling the issue of healthy eating at Dartmouth has been an interesting way to try out DfA and the design process on a real-world issue. With the upcoming changes to Dartmouth’s meal plan, there’s been a lot of energy around the issue of food on campus, as we saw in the responses to our initial prototype of a forum for discussions of food at the College. To move our ideas beyond post-its we created a bulletin board for students to share their ideas about healthy eating and the food served in dining halls. We also created a sample healthy meal to encourage students to get creative with the dining halls’ offerings. Our hope was to bring students together behind the common goal of healthy eating without getting bogged down in administrative bureaucracy. The students’ reactions indicate that there’s definitely a desire for a place where they can share their thoughts and have their voices heard.

Excited to receive your applications today, team!!