As DFA applications are closing in and we embark on interviews this week, we wanted to give you all another sneak peak at some of the great work and excitement that’s already taking off at universities throughout the country.

Today, we feature University of Oregon and their application process! Check out an update letter from one of their team leaders, Andre Brown below:

Support for a Design for America chapter at the University of Oregon has taken off quickly! The University of Oregon is somewhat new to the field of Product Design but we are proud to be part of a program with some incredibly passionate creative minds looking for more opportunities for group design. We have organized and spread the word quickly and in 3 days of meeting we have attracted 36 people from 7 different majors to join part in our efforts. We are under the mindset that the future of design is a collaboration of specialized fields and our meetings thus far have had great positive energy and contagious creativity.

In our meetings we have discussed solutions that can take root on campus and spread to the greater community. Our brainstorming sessions have taken many directions. In today’s meeting we came to a point of common interest in composting systems, with a specific project in mind to address the issue of paper towel waste in bathrooms. We think that the word “trash” is often widely misappropriated. We want to redefine the product lifecycle for one use items like paper towels, and think of products as part of an ecosystem rather than isolated objects. We have the unique opportunity to work with the University’s Urban Farm program in implementing this system.

For right now, we are meeting every day and have been discussing application details and scheduling for our project. Over the next few days we will be working on ideation and sketching, then prototyping and testing, and then looking at where to go from there. We’re lucky to have some members who are already knowledgeable on the subjects of composting and biology. We want to talk to some end-users to see how we can best implement a system like this. We have decided on our leaders who will be helping everyone moving in the right direction.

Things couldn’t be going better!

Stay tuned as we embark on this week’s interviews and officially announce DFA’s new studios this June!