DFA advisers and staff co-create DFA’s curriculum with students based upon what students want to learn in order to solve design problems they care about.

Jeanne Marie Olson, DFA Advisor, recently wrote a critical article for Core77‘s series on design education today. Jeanne highlights the curricular model set-forth by DFA and why it makes us unique and allows us to do what we do- particularly around project scoping and client management. With Jeanne’s background in design, education, and organizational change, she is a key asset to the development of DFA.

Jeanne also highlights the essential core of DFA, our network. We are not just faculty, we are not just designers, we are not just non-profits, we are not just students. We are a community of practice that supports each other and aims to find mutually beneficial experiences for all to tackle some of the most complex problems of our time.



  • I am currently working and researching a chapter with Christian Bason, the director of MindLab in Copenhagen on Design Thinking in the Public Sector.
    I have been researching US cases and I discovered your site. I think what you are doing sounds very interesting in targeting students and universities as the site for design studios.
    In some ways this seems a bit like Code for America, but a different model in many ways.
    In anycase, are your projects going to focus on the public sector? I’m interested in learning more about what you are doing and wanting to do.

    Andrea Schneider
    Palo Alto

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