In the words of one attendee, CUSP is inspirational, funny, thought-provoking, eye-opening, informative, inspirational, fascinating, humbling, soothing, shocking, awesome, inspirational, unbelievable, wise, touching, smart, healthy, honest, confusing, inspirational, affirming, creative and just friggin’ amazing. Did I mention inspirational? CUSP gets 300+ smart, energized, creative, inspiring, talented people into a room, get them talking to each other, then waits to see what happens.

For a second year, Design for America has been honored to be a speaker at CUSP. After stepping up on stage last year with DFA faculty founder Liz Gerber,  Mert Iseri took the spotlight as a featured speaker while passing the baton to DFA senior, Aaron Horowitz, who was sharing the story of Jerry the Bear.

The two were dynamic and left everyone enthused and ready to change the world. Here were some of the tweets that people shared in response to their talk!

In addition to rocking the stage, it truly felt like a DFAmily when DFA mentor and friend, Trung Le of The Third Teacher did his talk wearing the Design for America shirt. Trung Le’s work centers around re-defining education for this century, so we are honored by his support and highlighting DFA as an innovative educational model.

Stay tuned as Mert’s video will be available online in just a few months, and in the meantime, check out Liz Gerber’s inspiring talk from last year!