DFA UO @ Eugene has hit the ground running this year with some amazing events designed to pull students out of their seats…and into the world!

Initial enthusiasm is strong!

“We are needed everywhere and if we can make an impact in Eugene then that is a significant contribution. Design for American combines a love of design and a love of philanthropy and service. And I think this is the best way to find meaningful and long-lasting solutions.” -Claire Sakaguchi, Product Design, Sophomore

Partnering with a representative user–product designer and newly-hired faculty member Molly Rogers–to explore the challenges a wheelchair user might face on a daily basis, they borrowed wheel chairs from the health center and went to a grocery markets to experience first-hand the difficulties of shopping in a wheel chair.

To orient new students to the DFA design process, they engaged with Molly and all of the students through a quick round of design steps–from scoping to prototyping!


An exciting beginning for a studio that we cannot wait to hear more from! They are bringing the DFAwesome to the Pacific Northwest!

Go UO @ Eugene!

Read more about DFA UO @ Eugene here at their studio blog or give them a shout through their studio page on the DFA website!

Check out more of the photographs in their kick-off gallery here!