This year, DFA’s flagship studio at Northwestern was joined by students from Stanford, UCLA, Dartmouth, RISD-Brown, Cornell, University of Oregon, and Barnard-Columbia. With 600 students from 60 different majors and 170 core team members currently involved, this year we plan to accept 6-8 new studios led by the most creative and passionate students of our time.

Students from over 40 schools have already signed up to apply and teams have submitted part 1 of their application. Here, students take the time to get to know their communities, establish relationships and learn about where design might be able to create local and social impact. Below is a quick glimpse at just some of the schools applying and their communities’ local voices.

Get to know some new communities of potential DFA studios and stay tuned as we post more updates from some of our other applicants. Our goal is to grow to schools throughout the country that truly represent the diversity of this nation far and wide.