The results are in, the DFA Right Angle is able to reduce water use in cafeterias by half. After two days of testing, team lead, Thea Klein-Mayer galvanized a team of students to watch and observe cafeteria staff during open hours. Day one, the team created a baseline and measured that the for a 9 hour day, the water was on for 5 hours. Day two, with the Right Angle in place, this amount was brought down to 2.7 hours, that’s a reduction of nearly half!

Moving forward, the team will be working to revise their designs based on observations to make the device as intuitive as possible. This winter, they are hoping to make a small round of production to put into place in Northwestern’s cafeteria. With good relationships in hand, this should be doable. PLUS- turns out that Stanford has a similar system through Sodexo and DFA teams are already interested in putting the Right Angle into place. This is the DFA network at work! Stay tuned for more updates and check out the short clip below to see just how simple the Right Angle is.