DFA fellows and co-founders Mert Iseri and Yuri Malina have been hard at work developing a solution to the 4th leading cause of death in the United States: hospital-acquired infections, which result in over 90,000 deaths and over $4 billion in costs annually. Their solution is SwipeSense and as of today, they are on their way to saving lives.

As the youngest team to be accepted into Healthbox at ages 21 and 23, Mert and Yuri will be taking off to the incubator’s office space in downtown Chicago starting this January.  Beyond connecting with the incredible network and advisors Healthbox provides, Mert and Yuri will be spending their time developing SwipeSense in preparation for small-scale trials to take place this spring. With their new feature of compliance tracking, which typically takes nurses away from patient care for manual observation, the SwipeSense is sure to excite hospital management as it makes their lives easier, cuts costs and saves lives.

But it was not all roses getting to where they are now. With over 2 years of prototyping, iterating and bringing it back to the user, they’ve learned some lessons along the way. Check out their video below which describes just some of their process.


As Yuri says, if you have an idea that could change lives, don’t leave it on a post-it note. Whether you’re working to eliminate lead poisoning, or reduce teen pregnancy, your concepts for tackling pressing challenges in your communities truly stand to impact the lives of millions. Through perseverance and iteration the team is now one step closer to the goal we all strive for: impact.

Happy New Year everyone!


  • Love seeing the evolution of an idea to a real product…Hannah & Aaron should do a similar version for Jerry? If for no other reason to show your future designers that version 1 can in fact be duct tape or a sketch but perserverance turns it into reality! We are waiting to test drive Swipe Sense @ ACMC Highland ASAP!

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