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Swipesense Accepted into Healthbox
DFA Recognized at Chicago Ideas Week
DFA UCLA Teams up with GOOD


DFA Expands Nationally
Jerry the Bear Comes to Life
Right Angle Proven to Save Water


DFA on Cover of Fast Company
Applications from Around the Country
DFA Awarded Twice by Core77


Dear Friends,

It’s been an incredible year thanks to YOU!
Design for America has grown from 1 to 8 schools with 6-8 more on the way for fall 2012. We’ve grown our network to include 600 students from over 60 different majors, the top 3 being Engineering, Psychology and our favorite, Undecided, with 56% being female. DFA student co-founders and fellows, Mert and Yuri, started the Healthbox Incubator in Chicago on Monday and were awarded $50,000 for Swipesense. DFA student co-founder Hannah Chung and team lead, Aaron Horowitz moved this week to Providence, RI to bring Jerry the Bear to life. DFA was featured on the cover of Fast Company. We visited students at each of our 8 studios for their end-of term reviews, with special guests ranging from deans, design professionals to students and applicants from other schools.It is only together that we have the courage to be a generation of creative activists daring to say that our communities deserve better and daring to face the unknown to make it happen. We look forward to continuing the journey with you in the year to come.
We’d like to make a special thanks to our sponsors, the McCormick School of Engineering and Segal Design Institute at Northwestern for their continued support and encouragement. For the most up to date news and to talk to fellow DFAers, please join our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.
Happy New Year from the DFAmily!