Every year, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) brings together some of the most prominent figures in design to discuss new ideas and strategies for innovation.  DFA faculty founder Dr. Liz Gerber had the opportunity to speak at the IDSA Midwest Conference on April 13th in Chicago alongside a variety of major members of the design community, such as Walter Herbst (founder of Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc.), Zach Kaplan (founder and CEO of Inventables), Larry Keeley (president and co-founder of Doblin Inc.) and Jim Wicks (Vice President of Experience Design at Motorola).

During her talk, Dr. Gerber discussed the role of social computing in the Design-It-Together movement.  She used DFA as an example of how student designers in studios across the country can connect and share ideas using social media, Skype, and web platforms.  Using such accessible tools helps bring the design process to more people and allows experts and amateurs to interact online.  Networking designers together in this way fosters a sense of collaboration that helps maximize their potential for innovation.

With DFA’s Digital Media Learning platform underway, we are excited to investigate how technology can help DFA scale to reach more people and effectively use design to create social impact.