The University of Oregon studio has been working hard since their opening at the beginning of this school year. The first two terms the team members worked together conceptualizing nationwide problems that could use design to create solutions. Many ideas were thrown onto the drawing board, but as April arrived and spring term started here at Oregon two ideas remained active while the others were tucked away for future Oregon DFA members.

The two working teams were the homelessness group and the autism group. The homelessness group revolved around creating useful objects the homeless community of Eugene could use to improve their living conditions and prevent inevitable illnesses caused by the unpredictable Northwest weather. The autism group hoped to create aids non-verbal autistic children could use to communicate and express emotion with others.

The Oregon DFA studio teams have progressed rapidly since the start of the term. The homelessness team has conceptualized and created their prototypes and has tested them with members of the homeless community. They have received helpful feedback and will keep the user’s comments in mind while improving their creations.

The autism team has brainstormed countless concepts in a way they call, “ideating.” They have narrowed down from 70 ideas to 14. They have started looking at different useable materials for their prototypes and will begin to create their products soon after.

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