This just in from DFA Fellow and SwipeSense CEO, Mert Iseri as he gets back from his world travels!

“Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my visit to Turkey last week! First, I got my wisdom teeth removed so my face is a little puffy at the moment.

Second, I presented at Bosphorus University (Bogazici University), the Harvard of Turkey. It was a conference around Intellectual Property Management in Universities, and I was invited after I met one of the organizers last Christmas. I told the audience of a 100 the story of Design for America, how we apply IP for Impact  and a few examples from DFA.

The response was awesome, there are two highlights besides the applause. One of them was Mr. Gary Keller, turns out he’s on the Board of Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago (one of our pilot sites) – and he loved DFA and SwipeSense. Fantastic to have him as a champion. Second, I got invited to speak at this conference in December. One of the organizers was in the audience and she really liked the story as well.

I’m attaching some of the pictures my grandmother took, she was very proud of me as well! :)”
Thanks for sharing Mert- we are so excited to see the adventures continue!