Today, DFA is very proud to announce our new DFA Fellows! This year, we will be joined by two stellar recent graduates Thea Klein-Mayer  (Env. Sc. ’12, Northwestern) and Kayla Matheus (Eng./Art ’11, Yale) who will be joining the DFA team full-time. Their work will be focused on growing DFA, implementing the Right Angle,  and providing director mentorship to each one of our studios. Get to know them here!

As a DFA Fellow, Kayla seeks to inspire and guide young innovators across the country. A graduate from Yale University in both art and mechanical engineering, she is passionate about the merger of the creative and technical, the abstract and concrete, the emotional and logical. She is no stranger to such dichotomies – growing up half-Puerto Rican taught her the value of understanding multiple points of view. Ultimately, she believes that design has the potential to touch lives in direct and meaningful ways and is excited to do so through her work at DFA.


When she joined DFA in 2009, Thea found a wonderful combination of most everything she loves- art, science, wonderful people, and meaningful action.  Over the past 3 years, she’s filled a wide variety of roles from student coach to team cheerleader to studio lead, all experiences that she will draw upon to aid the success of today’s DFAers and their insightful solutions. She will never pass up brainstorming, adventuring, and nerding out about design, food, or nature. She can’t wait to do all of these things as a DFA Fellow!


We here at DFA are so thankful to have this talented duo joining our team to make DFA better than ever. While Mert and Yuri from SwipeSense make their transition into full-time social entrepreneurs, stay tuned for more updates as we get ready to kick-off our Leadership Studio next month and bring together all of our new leaders. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming the newest members to the DFA team!




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