DFA’s TEDx Talk on Developing Empathic Leaders

November 28, 2012DFA Behind the Scenes 1 Comment

TEDx Indianapolis, Design Learning, recently brought together leaders around the future of learning. Following the demand to put education into action- Design for America’s Sami Nerenberg discusses the role of design in creating empathic leaders and following a life of meaning. Working to transform outdated models of higher-education, DFA exemplifies students re-defining their own education to … Read More

DFA Virginia Tech Promoting Alternative Transportation

November 26, 2012Design, Design Phase, Environment, Opportunities, Prototype, Testing 1 Comment

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Kulikowski, a student  founder of the DFA studio at Virginia Tech about a recent project of theirs, the BurgFinder. The BurgFinder is a series of town signs to promote alternative modes of transportation, involving visual cues that use time as a measurement of distance to a particular destination … Read More

A DFA East-Coast Meet-Up

November 20, 2012DFA Behind the Scenes, Leadership, Learning

This fall, DFA students self-organized a weekend to bring together DFAers from  East Coast DFA schools. With over 30  in attendance and some driving as far as 10 hours, students came together to share their passion for using design to create local and social impact. Here- some of the organizers, Ellen Su- DFA Yale and … Read More