A DFA East-Coast Meet-Up

November 20, 2012DFA Behind the Scenes, Leadership, Learning

This fall, DFA students self-organized a weekend to bring together DFAers from  East Coast DFA schools. With over 30  in attendance and some driving as far as 10 hours, students came together to share their passion for using design to create local and social impact. Here- some of the organizers, Ellen Su- DFA Yale and … Read More

Will Raising Money be Child’s Play for a Toy Start-up?

September 25, 2012Miscellaneous

DFA’s Jerry the Bear team was just featured in Inc Magazine. Here, we see experts reviewing and evaluating their pitch and providing useful feedback for helping this team succeed. With some interesting recommendations such as whether or not to have a diversified product or if and when to exit- the article is worth a read, … Read More

DFA UIUC Featured Ideators on OpenIDEO

September 25, 2012Design Phase, Development, DFA Behind the Scenes, Discovery, Ideas, Opportunities, Process, Testing

RE-POSTING FROM OPENIDEO: As a departure from our usual focus on a single Featured Ideator – this month we’re highlighting a motivated group of students. DFA UIUC stands for Design for America studio at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – part of the national Design for America network of interdisciplinary student-led design studios. They are a … Read More

Witnessing the Unreasonable

July 27, 2012Miscellaneous

by Ada Ng What happens when you take 25 entrepreneurs from all over the world and have them live and work together in Boulder, Colorado for 6 weeks? You get unreasonable. These are 25 individuals that saw a social or environmental problem that they simply could not ignore. They also had an unreasonable idea: to … Read More

Announcing New DFA Fellows!!

July 19, 2012DFA Behind the Scenes, Leadership, Profiles 2 Comments

Today, DFA is very proud to announce our new DFA Fellows! This year, we will be joined by two stellar recent graduates Thea Klein-Mayer  (Env. Sc. ’12, Northwestern) and Kayla Matheus (Eng./Art ’11, Yale) who will be joining the DFA team full-time. Their work will be focused on growing DFA, implementing the Right Angle,  and providing director mentorship to … Read More

Springtime at the Oregon studio!

May 16, 2012Miscellaneous

 The University of Oregon studio has been working hard since their opening at the beginning of this school year. The first two terms the team members worked together conceptualizing nationwide problems that could use design to create solutions. Many ideas were thrown onto the drawing board, but as April arrived and spring term started here … Read More

“Design it Together” DFA at IDSA

April 15, 2012DFA Behind the Scenes, Presentation

Every year, the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) brings together some of the most prominent figures in design to discuss new ideas and strategies for innovation.  DFA faculty founder Dr. Liz Gerber had the opportunity to speak at the IDSA Midwest Conference on April 13th in Chicago alongside a variety of major members of … Read More