We interviewed our friends at DFA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign about their project, the Blue Button Narrative. The Blue Button re-envisions the patient’s medical record to make it intuitive and therefore actively engage the patient in his/her own health. Read more about their design process and its unique results!


How did you guys get started with the project?

One of our faculty advisors challenged us with the idea of redesigning the patient health record. Patient health records currently look like receipts and are not generally very intuitive or easily understandable to most people. We had enough people interested in dealing with this challenge to get the ball rolling!

What was the process like?

We were intensely focused in the short amount of time we had and divided it into two design storms over three days. Keeping the team small and everyone on their toes made us as a whole more effective than we might have been if we had dedicated a longer amount of time to a broader project. It was an experiment in design hacking as part of engaging other members with our DFA studio.

Also, it was really great to win third place of the Best Medication Section of the Health Design Challenge competition!









Where do you hope to take the project from here?

Healthcare continues to be a big issue and the Blue Button is just a taste of what can be accomplished. While the official design and rollout are now in the hands of the government, we’re excited to contribute to an open sourced design project. I would also love to see a team form at DFA UIUC surrounding local issues in healthcare since we have some great local hospitals to partner with.







Check out their project on the challenge.gov website!