Exciting News! The Autism Sensory Wall by DFA Oregon’s team is a semi-finalist for the Dell Social Innovation Challenge, and they need your votes!

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This project revolves around the difficulties of interaction for non-verbal children with autism. It has specifically focused in on how they can engage in an immersive, multi-sensory experience through light, touch, and sound, to play and interact with each other.

The product is a wall-mounted touch surface board, arranged in a grid pattern, that acts as a musical sequencer. The children activate certain squares on the grid, and it plays the corresponding musical notes. All notes on the board are in harmony with each other, so that it’s impossible to play a wrong one. This provides an equal opportunity for everyone to easily make a beautiful phrase of music.  The non-verbal autistic children have a chance in this environment to get creative and become more comfortable with each other as they engage with the sensory wall.

Here is a blog post with more about the team’s design process! They now have a mentor and are looking to revise their project further.  You can also watch their video below.

Again, be sure to check them out on the Dell Social Innovation Challenge page and support by voting! It’ll only take a minute of your time for a great cause.

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