Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.28.32 PMDFA Vanderbilt’s co-founder Ben Shapiro gives a TEDx Talk at Furman University. With the theme of Redesigning Education,this conference describes itself as, “Redesigning Education is no small task. Since the ways that we share ideas, process information and create knowledge are changing every day, the places and spaces where we teach and learn must change, too. Let’s rethink how we think about thinking. Let’s relearn how we learn about learning. Let’s redesign our schools, our classrooms, our lectures and our diplomas to prepare learners for success in this age of constant change.”

Ben Shapiro gives examples of bridges between design and education and gives some first looks at what happens when these two spheres come together. The conclusion? Design and education need each other and are both better for it. Check out the full talk below.

Way to go Ben!