Announcing New DFA Studios for 2013!

June 11, 2013DFA Behind the Scenes, Leadership, Studios

Becoming a DFA studio is no easy task. Students must demonstrate interest from a large set of interdisciplinary students, get a faculty advisor on board, start assessing needs in their community by doing at least 5 interviews with strangers off-campus, organize a 2 hour workshop with at least 20 attendees, do a one-month project, make … Read More

Introducing: New DFA Fellows!

June 7, 2013DFA Behind the Scenes, Leadership, Miscellaneous, Profiles

DFA’s mission is to develop a pipeline of leaders of innovation and create impact through the implementation of DFA projects. DFA Fellows are a core part of making this happen by building student leadership, helping to see projects implemented, growing our community of support and simply making DFA better inside and out.  DFA Fellows are passionate, hands-on, team-oriented, … Read More