DFA’s mission is to develop a pipeline of leaders of innovation and create impact through the implementation of DFA projects. DFA Fellows are a core part of making this happen by building student leadership, helping to see projects implemented, growing our community of support and simply making DFA better inside and out.  DFA Fellows are passionate, hands-on, team-oriented, empathetic, inquisitive and fearless. This couldn’t be more true of the awesome fellows we’ll be bringing on starting this summer. So without further adieu, we are proud to introduce our new DFA Fellows!


Giselle Malina

Born and raised in France, educated in the United States as a recent graduate at Cornell, Giselle has spent countless months volunteering around the world. Her experiences have made her a staunch supporter of intercultural and interdisciplinary work, something she strives to apply in every facet of her life. Excited to continue making an impact in cities at home and abroad, Giselle hopes to use her work as a DFA fellow to help other students find the same passion and excitement for human-centered design as she did. Ultimately, she hopes to see thousands of students representing all majors and backgrounds, using design to better their lives and their communities- this year as a DFA fellow is just the beginning!



Rob Calvey

After studying  the process of building design as an architecture undergrad at Virginia Tech, Rob was inspired to co-found Design for America at Virginia Tech because DFA’s culture of community interaction, interdisciplinary teamwork, and real world implementation that has been quickly spreading across the country.  After three fantastic semesters growing DFA in Blacksburg, Rob is excited to use the lessons he learned to help other schools spread their unique design cultures in their own cities and towns.




Julian Bongiorno

Graduating from Columbia in 2013, Julian comes to DFA with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an explosive passion for innovation. As a DFA Fellow, Julian hopes to unite the various studios by inspiring and producing life-changing projects that improve communities.  His passions have led to a career in social entrepreneurship with a passion for working beyond his comfort zone. The soccer field taught him well in the ways of team dynamics and leadership while his numerous projects have developed his technical skills. He raised over $5k for cancer research by donating his hair via his personal website, JulianGetsAHaircut.com.