November 2013


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Summer Studio (click to view more):

Luna Lights – Social: Older Adult Falls


Augment – Health: Dementia

(more coming soon)

FOOD E – Education: Literacy

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Bandit – Social: Youth Homelessness

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Group Walk – Social: Night time Safety (looking for a programmer)


New Projects:


This past summer, DFA partnered with Chicago’s Center for Neighborhood Technology to work on the project of urban flooding. Flooding, on average, causes $8.17 billion in damages/ year. The effects of urban flooding—such as sewer backups, basement seepage, property damage, and street ponding—can cause problems with personal well-being and health, loss of items of emotional value, and work-hours lost to damage clean-up.

There are three areas of flooding where DFA could help:
1. Preparing for the flood
2. Responding to the flood as the water comes in
3. Recovering from the flood after the water has gone out

Additional resources for primary and secondary research can be found here: Pre-packaged research, video interviews with flood victims, and audio clips from a Flood Forum

Community Engagement- LEND: (1 team)

“How can we help LEND clients, members, and other stakeholders know when and where information relating to LEND activities should be stored, and how can we help them find the information they need when they need it?”



The increase in the number of people bicycling in urban areas has led to increased numbers of bicycle accidents, resulting largely from “dooring” (when cyclists are in danger of getting hit by car doors). An analysis of Chicago bike crashes found that 344 dooring crashes were reported in 2011, meaning that a dooring accident happens almost daily. Doorings made up 19.7% of all reported bike crashes in Chicago that year. The issue of urban biking safety can be addressed from both cyclists’ and drivers’ perspectives, mainly in terms of accident prevention.

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