Floodlothian Midlothian

March 30, 2014DFA Behind the Scenes, Northwestern

DFA continues its partnership with Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) and Floodlothian Midlothian to host a panel discussion on the topic of urban flooding. Panelist included:  Harriet Festing, Director, Water Program, Center for Neighborhood Technology Helen Lekavich, Midlothian Floodlothian Founder & Community Organizer Jenny Wang, NU Student, Engineering Thomas Burke, VP. Head of Water Resources. Christopher Burke Engineering Ltd. … Read More

“…Ask How You Can Design Products for Your Country”

March 14, 2014Miscellaneous

If you start them young, can industrial designers, product designers, roboticists and their cousins in the ‘hard’ design fields learn the skills to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, from childhood obesity to illiteracy to the trials of aging? Finding out has been the work of Design for America for the last five years. Dreamt up by Northwestern … Read More

“Elizabeth Gerber: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Olympic Snowflake”

March 10, 2014Miscellaneous

During the recent Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia– an iconic moment watched by millions around the world– five large synthetic snowflakes were bathed in light. Four of them electronically transformed into Olympic rings. The fifth failed to light up. With more testing of the system ahead of time, it’s highly likely that this very public embarrassment could … Read More