Its Always Bigger in Texas: The “Big D” Review

April 24, 2014Miscellaneous, Studios

(students finished the event with a pitch of their solution)  This past weekend, DFA Rice held an open school event appropriately named, The Big D(esign Challenge) that introduced over 40 students, faculty, and community members to DFA, human-centered design, and Arthrogryposis. The massively successful event was the first of its kind from this new studio. … Read More

DFA Baltimore meets Lexington Market!

April 16, 2014Miscellaneous

“Imagine that something better could be here, other than the things that are typically here…” Brian Greenan, Baltimore City Mayor’s Office DFA Baltimore’s Lexington Market team took to the streets with chalk, a camera, and an empathetic mindset as part of their work on transforming the historic Lexington Market. A historic landmark that been a … Read More

Yuri Malina: Germ Enemy and GOOD Top 100

April 9, 2014Press

Yuri Malina must have been a busy guy at Northwestern University in Chicago. Aside from his classes, studying math and physics in the school’s Integrated Science Program, the young scientist and entrepreneur co-founded Design for America, a nationwide network of student-run studios that create design-based solutions for local problems. He also somehow found time to … Read More

“IDEO Partner Talks to Liz about Life, DFA, and Creativity”

April 4, 2014Miscellaneous

This edition of Creativity at Work features Dr. Liz Gerber. Liz and I taught together in the early days of the Stanford, where I witnessed firsthand the big ball of energy she brings to any learning environment. A truly gifted teacher, Liz has a unique, inspiring point of view on how to shape the classroom experience to … Read More