With an ever-toughening application process, 73 schools from around the country applied to be a DFA studio in our most competitive application year to date. After establishing a community, selecting a project topic, and flying a DFA team member out to campus to lead an introductory design-thinking workshop,  ten schools made it into the final round. After rigorous and intense interviews to assess leadership, commitment, and campus fit, DFA is proud to announce that the follow four schools are the newest studios in the DFA network! Learn about their campus and watch their application project videos below.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The MIT DFA Studio is dedicated to creating a space on campus for students to learn new skills and create an impact in their community while doing so. They are a group of students dedicated to making a difference through design. The strong engineering backgrounds of many of the MIT DFA members make for a unique approach to the problems that we tackle, and we are proud to be a place where engineering and design can intersect.

DFA MIT empowers students to make a difference in our community and allow any and every student the ability to realize how much their potential. They attract passionate students and transition them into world-class change-makers. They aim to create a community of students willing to channel their remarkable skills into social impact in the Boston area.

Washington University in St. Louis (WashU)
DFA WashU arises from a campus that is looking to bring together a diverse student body eager to use their education for social change. They aim to connect these students to not only a diverse network across all schools, but also in the St. Louis community. These connections seek to broaden students’ horizons and take their talents outside of the WashU campus. Through experience, DFA WashU adds a new layer to their education that will help implement what they have learned in class to what they wish to see in the world. Going forward, they will be working to create a DFA brand that is synonymous with innovation, inclusiveness, and fun. They seek to build an organization that promotes agency and ownership, incorporating all of their member’s perspectives: whether they be forged by design, engineering, medicine, or business.

Michigan State University (MSU)
DFA Michigan State was born out of a desire to be part of a club that actually does things; to form an organization that can have lasting, positive impacts on the Greater Lansing community. They come from a wide variety of academic, social and ideological backgrounds, but one thing in common is their passion for DFA and the human-centered design approach that it embodies.

They are committed to inculcating a culture of innovation on campus. They want the student body to view every problem as solvable and every situation as changeable. In addition, they believe that relevant and applicable solutions to the problems facing real people require utilizing human-centered design processes, and they will work towards nourishing that mentality on campus. They started off with big dreams that have only grown with time. They are excited to work with local partners, and the national DFA network to come up with solutions to the most serious problems facing our communities.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
As the oldest engineering institution in the English speaking world, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute provides students an education at the crossroads of science, engineering and the arts. Students founded Rensselaer’s Design for America studio with the hopes of creating global and local change through design, following Rensselaer’s motto of “Why not change the world?”.

Together they have grown as a strong community of engineers, designers, and innovators passionate about their local community of Troy, NY. They hope to have a thriving studio – full of students who are excited about changing the lives of everyday citizens, and making their community and world a better place.

Congratulations everyone and welcome to the DFAmily!!