Tech or Treat: this hauntingly memorable event for kids of all ages, featured yellow brick road-themed technologies in a family-friendly environment. Virginia Tech students and faculty from a variety of disciplines across campus collaborate to bring this event together. DFA Virginia Tech participated in the schools recent festivities with a few exhibits of their own to introduce kids in the area just how fun technology can be.

Exhibit 1: The DFA team wanted Tech or Treat visitors to experience the fun of voice modification technology.” They developed a pumpkin that children walk into which lights up and makes noise as kids speak. (pictured above)

Exhibit 2: The team wanted to come up with a Wizard of Oz inspired structure that kids could help build. The team focused on getting kids to be creative and engage in making. Children drew on pieces of construction paper and attached them to the tornado before moving forward. Through a user feedback session, they discovered that kids really like swirly chairs and spinning around in circles which was their inspiration used to draw crowds to their installation.


Over 300 children visited the exhibits and the Children’s Museum of Blacksburg asked to take their pumpkin skeleton to convert into a cocoon for their butterfly exhibit. Way to go DFA Virginia Tech!