547223_4159689863710_531718892_nSara Mesing, co-founder of DFA Case Western| CIA,  is part of the Business Development team at XPLANE. She introduces new clients to XPLANE and acts as an advocate and liaison throughout the duration of client engagements. She got connected to XPLANE through a friend at DFA’s  Leadership Studio back in 2012.

Thanks to Sara’s efforts, XPLANE will be partnering with Design for America  to develop a 5-year strategic plan to accommodate all stakeholders in the organization’s high growth trajectory. As such, XPLANE will lead and facilitate dialogue to uncover the current state of the organization, envision the future state, and determine what steps are needed to get there.

XPLANE is a BusinessXplaneLogo Design Consultancy that has been helping large organizations clarify, communicate, and achieve their goals since 1993. XPLANE leverages visual thinking, human-centered design, co-creation, and multi-disciplinary teams to help clients solve complex problems and accelerate immediate and lasting results. Now a few words from the company:

Why did XPLANE want to work with DFA? 

XPLANE was thrilled to partner with DFA on this initiative because we believe in the benefits and sustainability of design as problem solving. DFA is educating hundreds of young people every year about how to apply design as problem solving. We want to be involved as a like-minded organization and support DFA’s mission. We absolutely applaud the social innovation that has already originated from DFA and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What advice would you give to other firms looking to integrate design thinking into their practice?
Invite your employees into the dialogue. Get the users in the room. If the strategy, process, or vision is generated without user input, it becomes a product that needs to be marketed and sold, and you’ve just turned your employees into consumers. The payoff for giving users a seat at the table is the success and stickiness of your strategy, process, or vision. People will support what they help build.