DFA is excited to offer DFA Impact Grants to support DFA studios and projects in their quest to build community, create social impact, and improve their problem solving capacity. Our hope is that financial barriers are eliminated and all DFA members have what they need to make an impact.

DFA Impact Grants are awards of $250 and $500 for studio initiatives and project implementation on DFA campuses and local communities. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from now until April 11.


Studio Grants are an opportunity to support local campus studios to be the best they can be. Below are just some of the types of things DFA studios might apply for:

Imagine a studio where students collaborate with their local network of professionals, alumni, mentors, and members in the local community to create lasting relationships and implemented impactful projects. How can studio leads build an engaged community of leaders and partners on and off campus?

Imagine a studio where DFAers apply in-depth human-centered design to local and social challenges and engage with the community to create impact. How can studio leads equip the members with the skills needed to lead and innovate?

Imagine a studio’s community where DFA is a household name synonymous with making social impact and use human-centered design. DFA is perceived as the pre-eminent campus organization of creative social innovators. How can studio leads amplify the DFA presence on campus and in their local communities?

WashU 2015 Ethics of HCD Panel cover photo

WashU 2015 Ethics of HCD panel
DFA WashU applied to the Studio Impact Grant to host “The Ethics of Human-Centered Design” on their campus. Check out the facebook event for more details:


Project Grants are an opportunity for DFA project teams to make an impact with their project. A main component of DFA’s mission is to create impact through the implementation of DFA projects. As a first potential investor, we want to see your solutions used and positively affecting your intended stakeholders. Below are some of the types of things DFA projects might do with a DFA Project Grant:

Imagine a DFA project where the team feels confident in their ability to build their concepts to test them with users as they move from low to high-fidelity prototyping. How can the team build to bring ideas to life using high-fidelity prototyping methods?

Imagine a DFA project where the team can easily connect with professionals, mentors, and community partners to provide support in creating effective business models, unique distribution channels, strong relationships, an authentic visual identity, and all other necessary components to bring their ideas into the real world. How can the team maintain an active network of supporters to help bring their idea into a reality?

Imagine a DFA project where the team easily secures pilot partners and has a large following of other supporters and potential customers that connect with the team’s value proposition and visual identity. How can the team amplify their reach to potential partners and customers?

DFA Yale's Illumiloon team applied to the Project Impact Grant to attend South by Southwest! Read more about it at their blog:
DFA Yale’s Illumiloon team used a DFA Project Impact Grant to attend South by Southwest! Read more about it at their blog:

>>>Are you an interested DFAer? Apply HERE by April 11! <<<


All submissions will be considered, though funding is limited and not guaranteed. Studios may apply for funding once per term.