Casondra Peretore, DFA Rice University ‘16, is a Strategy Analyst at Accenture.

“DFA completely restructured my approach to solving any problem. It enabled to me throw all conventionalities out the door in favor of methods that could open up the mind to entirely new possibilities. I now work in a corporate environment where the enterprise attempts to dive into design thinking, but conventional business strategies often remain king. I’m using what I learned at DFA to bring my company into design thinking even more. I am working on a side project in which we are creating a digital design thinking portal that our clients can use to bring design thinking into their strategic mix. This is a huge challenge, since they are not as well-versed in the design thinking space. We’re taking extra precautions to truly encourage them to check their traditional thinking at the door and take on a much more loose and creative mindset. Doing this through a digital portal rather than in-person workshops is even more challenging. The lessons I learned at DFA are totally crucial to the success of this project. I’m teaching my team, my company, and our clients how to leave behind auto-piloted strategies and tap into the most human and innovative parts of themselves.”

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