Aaron Lewis, DFA Yale ’16, is an Associate Product Designer at Uber.

“DFA gets more and more relevant for me as time goes on. The DFA process and guide is an awesome toolkit, and I’ve come to appreciate it even more after leaving college because I’ve had more time to properly execute it.

I’m currently working at Uber on a web app called Uber Central, which allows companies to request rides for their customers. I recently ran a brainstorming workshop session and specifically brought together the sales, engineering, and design teams. It’s uncommon for sales and engineering teams to be included in these workshops, but they brought new perspectives to the table. With their input, we were able to create better user journeys for a variety of stakeholders.

While working on the Hillary Campaign, I focused a lot on user interviews, learning from user insights, and synthesis. I worked on a range of web apps to fundraise for the campaign, but a specific app that really demonstrated the DFA process was one that allowed supporters to set up automatic donations to the campaign. With the fundraising team focusing on getting as much funding as possible, the user experience was sometimes pushed to the background. In this case, the initial plan was to bury the daily donation cap near the bottom of the form. I was concerned this would turn supporters away, so I created a prototype of the app and got feedback from volunteers in our call center. After bringing these findings back to the product team, I was able to convince them to put the donation cap front-and-center. In the end, we were able to raise several hundred thousand dollars. It’s the type of research I did in DFA that allowed me to advocate for the user experience and make a good prototype.

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