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Where It All Began

At Northwestern

Liz Gerber envisioned an organization that would inspire students to take their creativity into their communities. She recruited three exceptional students, Mert Iseri, Yuri Malina, and Hannah Chung, and together with the help of mentors and community partners in the greater Chicago area, they brought Design for America to life. With the support of Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, DFA expanded from an initial Northwestern program to include seven other universities in 2011. Today, DFA is a national network committed to design, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the capacity to make change. 

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Bruce Ankenman, PhD
Faculty Co-Director

Bruce is interested in the entire process of design, development, and continuous improvement in industry. This has translated directly to his critical leadership role within DFA as well as his role as Co-Director of Northwestern Design and Innovation where Bruce directs undergraduate education programs. When he isn’t focusing on meeting human needs with technology, Bruce is immersing in the opposite; nature! He especially enjoys backpacking in wilderness areas outside national parks.


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Deniz Alpay
2016 - 2017 Fellow

How can we better communicate our thoughts across vastly different disciplines? Deniz has been curious about this question throughout her years as a research assistant when she teamed up with chemists, engineers and patent attorneys to design nanoparticles for cancer therapy. Now more focused on systems that are visible to the naked eye, Deniz is excited to help interdisciplinary DFA teams reach their design goals. In her spare time she enjoys taking dance classes, modding her bike, and the occasional video game marathons with friends.



Liz Gerber, PhD
Faculty Co-Director & Faculty Founder

Driven early on by “what can I do for others?” Liz continues to create communities that innovate collectively to tackle messy and meaningful problems. She is a design professor with a passion for understanding social interactions and practical applications for technology. She enjoys when her kids teach her how to skateboard, practicing improv with her husband, and traveling back to Vermont to swim and harvest honey.



Matt Easterday, PhD
Learning Advisor

Matt is devoted to designing educational technologies and programs to promote engaged and knowledgeable citizens who can solve the challenges facing our society such as poverty, climate change and militarism.  As a Learning Sciences professor, he has developed cognitive games to teach policy argumentation, computer-supported deliberation forums, and online project-based learning platforms for innovation.  He likes to help his kids develop their martial-arts skills, play video games, and construct elaborate, digitally-enhanced cardboard armor.


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Michelle Baverman
2016 - 2017 Fellow

Michelle studied architecture and is fascinated by how the design of spaces, products, and systems can affect each and every person’s daily life. She also enjoys paying attention to how little details can make big impact. She founded DFA at the University of Cincinnati and has since discovered and developed her passion for human-centered design and getting people excited about social innovation. Outside of DFyAy, she loves running half marathons, exploring on her bike, eating ice cream, and seeing live music.


Rebecca Breuer
Executive Director

Rebecca has a long-standing interest in complex problem-solving and in bringing together the myriad of partners required to have lasting impact. She values pragmatic ideas, innovation and good food. When not working with the network, Rebecca explores city neighborhoods and looks for new adventures en route.



Rob Calvey
Instructional Coordinator

Rob was hooked on the ways that the design process could help address the biggest challenges of our time after learning about design and problem solving in architecture school. A small group of friends helped co-found the DFA Virginia Tech studio in Blacksburg VA during Rob’s 4th year; Rob has eagerly worked with DFA to support community-based design education to different disciplines across the country. In his spare time Rob cooks up new and old recipes, watches the Hokies, and documents all the ways wikipedia shapes his life.


Stacy Klingbeil
Field Coordinator

After piecing together her favorite memories of a powerful social justice class in high school, a socially-minded t-shirt club in college, and a design-based international development experience, Stacy got serious about design for social impact. She continues to explore this intersection of creative problem solving, social enterprise, and service design. Outside of DFA, she is taking sewing classes, running along the lake, and playing with her niece and nephew.

What's New

Midwest Meetup 2016

Midwest Meetup 2016

January 9, 2017

In mid-November of 2016, DFA students from Case Western, Michigan State, Purdue, UIUC, and WashU gathered with DFA National staff for the third year in a row for Midwest Meetup 2016 – this year at DFA U Cincinnati! DFA U Cincinnati was inspired to host this year’s meetup after a great experience attending last year … Read More

Celebrating Another Year of Partnership With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Celebrating Another Year of Partnership With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

January 9, 2017

DFA teams together at FCA Headquarters with DFA National and Curt Edgar, Michael Angelidis, and Prateek Gupta (DFA MSU’16) from FCA Design for America sponsored projects unite partnering companies and the DFA Network in an effort to address timely social innovation initiatives. Practicing the human-centered design process, DFA students bring fresh perspectives and user insights … Read More



December 2, 2016

This past August, 110+ students from 33 Design for America studios across the country gathered at Northwestern for the annual DFA Leadership Studio. Together, they explored, “How can we improve the voting experience?” DFA National decided to revisit this topic of civic engagement as the 2016 election season came to a close. From Leadership Studio, we learned … Read More