DFA trains the next generation of social innovators. Our tools, model, and coaching instill community, encourage creativity, and build capacity to take on any challenge.

DFA Joins the Watson Foundation

In 2020, DFA joined with the Watson Foundation. The Watson vision—to develop humane and effective leaders—aligns with the founding principles of Design for America that aim to create a design corps that leads change for good.

National Design Award

In 2018, DFA received the National Design Award from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, honoring “excellence, innovation, and enhancement on the quality of daily life.”

We’ve imagined the day when our leaders use design for good.

A Growing Network

When Liz Gerber launched Design for America with three of her students, they ambitiously called it that for two reasons: one, they wanted to design solutions that tackle social challenges with national relevance, and two, they wanted to do so by having teams across the country work in their local communities.

Today, DFA is a proof case for teaching design across domains, that impact projects can happen 24/7, and that the future of learning is networked and not constrained to a single campus. The DFA mission captures the spirit of this generation, yet inspires us all.