Promoting Biking in New Haven

The cozy, communal streets of New Haven have been amped up thanks to Yale University DFAers.

Douglas Wong, Joel Sher and Cameron Yick have been creating “ArtRacks” to enhance the New Haven society. Their project showcases non-traditional, custom bike racks to bring attention to the importance of health, community and positive impact.


Update: Girls Driving for A Difference

We first posted about the Girls Driving for a Difference initiative from founders and DFA Stanford leaders, Jenna Leonardo and Katie Kirsch back in December. Now, they are wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign (raising over $34,000!), gaining well-deserved national attention, inspiring others with their story, reflecting on their pilot over spring break and planning their summer in detail. We can’t wait to see what’s next in this exciting journey!



This Cute Little Robot is Designed to Help You Form Any Habit

View original article on Fast Company here.

To stick with a new challenge and really change your life, you’re going to need more than cold data of a fitness tracker or smartphone app.

If you buy a shiny new fitness tracker, there’s a fairly good chance it will end up forgotten in a drawer six months later. Maybe part of the problem is that it isn’t cute enough. A new Tamagotchi-like device is based on the theory that if you really want to form a new habit, it helps if you feel an emotional connection to your technology.

“When you look at the research in wearables, there’s a huge drop-off rate,” says Kayla Matheus, founder of MOTi, a company making an adorable new gadget (named after the company) that is claimed to be able to help you form any habit. “Data alone isn’t enough. We’re human beings—we need more than that.”

DFA Leaders on Confronting Challenges

As the second installation of our Q&A with studio leads Sonja Ellicott (University of Oregon) and Zonghe Chua (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Sonja and Zonghe give advice on how to address challenges that arise. Check out there first post here!

- What did you learn most about effective leadership during your time as studio lead?

Zonghe: I think I learned how to design a studio experience that provides both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to all its members. Intrinsic motivations come from listening to the needs of the studio’s members and making sure that you try your best to meet their expectations for personal and professional development.

General Assembly Gives DFA GA Front Row!

DFA has a new partnership!  logo

General Assembly, a worldwide institution that seeks to educate and empower individuals who are pursuing work in technology, business and design, has joined the DFA community!

All registered students within DFA will receive a free 6 month membership to GA Front Row! This is almost a $300 value!!! As a subscriber for GA Front Row, there will be unlimited access to on-demand and live stream classes that teach all things ranging from data analysis to product and web design.


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