SwipeSense Among Top 3 Start Ups of the Year

WSJSOTYThe Wall Street Journal start-up of the year competition, which began with 24 startups in June, matches young companies with global business leaders and influencers, and tracks their progress from startup to success over the course of five months.

DFA’s SwipeSense aims to reduce hospital-acquired infections, which kill an estimated 90,000 people per year in the United States, by providing hospital staff with portable, trackable hand-sanitation devices.

About the size of a pager, the hand-sanitizing system affixes to health professionals’ belts and dispenses sanitizer at the swipe of a hand. A wireless tracking system monitors how often the wearer sanitizes his or her hands.

Life After School

About to graduate? Read up on this list of masters programs. Although DFA has no direct involvement with these programs, we consider ourselves a pipeline for students headed in these directions as they make decisions about life after school. If you are interested in any of these, please contact your fellow as we will try and support you in any way possible.

What is Loft.io?

This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to developmental updates from Loft.io, a new digital platform for the DFA community.

LOFT  Home

With 17 studios across the nation, hundreds of projects and thousands of members, DFA is no doubt a large community. Yet, common goals hold this large network together. Balancing these two paradigms, Loft.io hopes to bring together the DFA community through common interests and shared experiences within a digital platform that aims to foster a nurturing online community.

DFA: It’s a Post-it Culture

If plastering multi-colored Post-its to a whiteboard doesn’t seem like rocket science, it’s because it isn’t. Stick, peel and repeat: the process is pretty simple. So what makes the 3M product the best thing since sliced bread?

Luna Lights

Donovan Morrison, Matthew Wilcox, and Wesley Youman

Donovan Morrison, Matthew Wilcox, and Wesley Youman

In a sleek downtown Chicago office, three Northwestern students anxiously looked down an endless conference table to a panel of established design innovators.

It was the day of the big pitch. After nearly a year and a half of brainstorming, prototyping, and building and testing the product, the team of Donovan Morrison, Matthew Wilcox, and Wesley Youman was set to unveil Luna Lights.

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