Why Stanford is Ripe for DFA

April 7, 2011Design, Stanford

You know the d.school and we all love their work. But did you know that the d.school is only for grad students and tons of students get turned away from their course work each year? Similarly, their Design for Extreme Affordability class is equally as popular and maxed out in capacity.

What is Design? Dimensions of Design Explained

March 31, 2011Design

Here at Design for America, we work with non-design students and non-design partners. So we get the “what is design?” questions a lot. To help answer this, our very own Sami Nerenberg has shared a simple tool to help us and hopefully help you answer this question for the Industrial Design Magazine, Core77.

DFA Cornell Running Strong and Prepping for Weekend Charrette!

March 30, 2011Cornell

DFA HQ spoke with the awesome bunch of core-team DFA students over at Cornell this week and their projects looking at healthy food for both the Cornell and Ithaca community are off to a great start! They’re doing their research, talking to users and domain experts and getting ready for this weekend’s Ideation Charrette!