DFA NU Winter Review Session!

March 11, 2011Northwestern

DFA Northwestern teams are kicking their projects into high gear as the quarter is coming to a close and teams get ready to move forward into prototyping and user-testing in the Spring! We had an amazing turn-out last night, especially considering this week is finals!

Cornell Spring Kick-Off!!

March 4, 2011Cornell

With over 20 students in attendance, DfA Cornell student leader, Alix Gerber and faculty advisor, Leah Scolere kick things off with a fantastic workshop for the Spring!

Wheels of FURY

February 16, 2011Northwestern

“Wheels Of Fury” is tackling the problem “How to reduce the severity and or the occurrence of bicycle injuries.” We conducted our first round of research consisting of general observations, and interviews with both non-cyclists, casual cyclists and cyclist enthusiasts.

BookSharing Project: Finding the Opportunity Gaps!

February 7, 2011Northwestern

Our team is tackling the issue of how to make book sharing and swapping easier on campus. We all know how annoying the process typically is and how much money we have spend on text books! Not to mention all the paper that gets used when buying new books. It’s our goal to help the … Read More