A Glimpse into the Future of Design and Impact

February 19, 2018Alumni, Design, Discovery, Fun, Ideas, Learning

Imagine what would be different if we always design for inclusion? If we create learning experiences that are tech-integrated and not tech-enabled? What if we incorporate play into our everyday jobs? In early February, over one hundred DFA alumni, design professionals, and current students gathered at LinkedIn in San Francisco for a panel discussion about … Read More

What Does it Mean to Feel Welcome?

November 2, 2017Alumni

“How can we foster a sense of community? Could design thinking help us create something for students in that intersection point feel welcome and able to develop their communities?” Aaron Wagner asked questions like these as he moved from Seattle to Chicago this past August to take on the task of directing the Northwestern Dining … Read More

DFA Alumni Week Featured Story: Andrew Martin

May 26, 2017Alumni, Vanderbilt

Andrew Martin, DFA Vanderbilt ‘16, is a Product Development Engineer at TE Connectivity Ltd. “I use a lot of what I learned from DFA on a daily basis at my job. From post-it note brainstorming sessions to Pugh Matrix concept selection, we leverage many of the same tools when developing new products. The experience of working … Read More

DFAlumni Week Featured Story: Emma Townley-Smith

May 25, 2017Alumni, Stanford

Emma Townley-Smith, DFA Stanford ‘16, is an Associate Product Manager at Capital One Labs. “DFA skills are super relevant in the early stages of product development. We go through a lot of interviewing, problem space scoping, and stakeholder management. It’s pretty much a 1 for 1 translation of DFA project skills. Even if you’re not going … Read More

DFAlumni Week Featured Story: Aaron Lewis

May 24, 2017Alumni, Yale

Aaron Lewis, DFA Yale ’16, is an Associate Product Designer at Uber. “DFA gets more and more relevant for me as time goes on. The DFA process and guide is an awesome toolkit, and I’ve come to appreciate it even more after leaving college because I’ve had more time to properly execute it. I’m currently working at … Read More

DFAlumni Week Featured Story: Casondra Peretore

May 23, 2017Alumni, Rice

Casondra Peretore, DFA Rice University ‘16, is a Strategy Analyst at Accenture. “DFA completely restructured my approach to solving any problem. It enabled to me throw all conventionalities out the door in favor of methods that could open up the mind to entirely new possibilities. I now work in a corporate environment where the enterprise attempts … Read More

DFAlumni Week Featured Story: Ritu Parekh

May 22, 2017Alumni, UC Davis

All week long we’re welcoming 2017 DFA graduates to the alumni network and celebrating our current DFAlumni! Check back in for daily stories featuring how alumni are applying their DFA skills and experience in their careers. We’re kicking off the week with Ritu’s story! Ritu Parekh, DFA UC Davis ’16, works as Mechanical Engineer at MASS Precision.  “I have multiple roles in … Read More