DFA Project Pipeline!

December 25, 2011Barnard | Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Design Phase, Development, Discovery, Ideas, Miscellaneous, Northwestern, Presentation, Process, RISD | Brown, Stanford, Studios, U Oregon, UCLA

Well, we just had a whirlwind tour visiting all 8 of our DFA studios! From UCLA to Dartmouth, students are plugging away at tackling the most complex challenges of our time. So what have the teams been up to? 170 students from campuses throughout the country have been hard at work establishing local partnerships and … Read More

FORBES MAGAZINE: Behind the Scenes at DFA Cornell

October 16, 2011Cornell, Leadership, Process

Four members of Design for America’s Cornell Studio were recently interviewed by Rahim Kanani of Forbes Magazine about their experiences starting a Design for America Studio.  It is a fascinating look behind the scenes at what these DFA’ers have uncovered through their DFA experience and an honest at the realities and real work of starting … Read More

DFA Featured on Fast Company Cover!

September 14, 2011Barnard | Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Design, DFA Behind the Scenes, Education, Environment, Health, Northwestern, Press, Profiles, RISD | Brown, Stanford, Studios, U Oregon, UCLA

“With Stars in their Eyes, DFA Students want to change the world,” is the title of Fast Company’s feature on Design for America. And this couldn’t ring more true. As we just witnessed the breadth of energy and enthusiasm from our Summer Leadership Studio, we know that DFA students, now at eight universities throughout the … Read More

DFA Leadership Studio!

August 16, 2011Barnard | Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Design, DFA Behind the Scenes, Leadership, Northwestern, RISD | Brown, Stanford, Studios, U Oregon, UCLA 1 Comment

Wow, what an amazing weekend we had! 21 students from 8 different universities flew in Thursday night from as far as Sao Paulo, Brazil. Despite geographic differences it was clear that each one of these students has something in common that would soon bond them all- an unwavering commitment to use design for social innovation. … Read More

DFA Cornell & Sleepless Nights

May 16, 2011Cornell

APPLICATION COUNTDOWN: 3 DAYS!! Amidst sleepless nights for those at Cornell during finals, they’re still managing to turn in an awesome application and build on this semester’s momentum of great work looking at access to fresh food on campus and in the Ithaca community.

Why Cornell is Ripe for DFA

April 14, 2011Cornell

DFA just got back from an awesome visit with Cornell’s emerging studio group as they get ready for their applications. The core team of about 12 students committed over 8 hours to the planning and execution of this ideation weekend to hash out some of their ideas for gaining access to fresh food for both … Read More

DFA Cornell Running Strong and Prepping for Weekend Charrette!

March 30, 2011Cornell

DFA HQ spoke with the awesome bunch of core-team DFA students over at Cornell this week and their projects looking at healthy food for both the Cornell and Ithaca community are off to a great start! They’re doing their research, talking to users and domain experts and getting ready for this weekend’s Ideation Charrette!