DFA Project Gallery 2015

February 3, 2016Miscellaneous

In Fall 2015, DFAers across the country worked on meaningful, local, and scalable projects that ranged from inspiring low-income middle students to pursue their interests to combating loneliness in the elderly community. Overall we had:   Check out the full range of work on our project gallery on facebook and read more about the inspirational … Read More

Adobe Sponsors DFA for the Second Year!

November 10, 2014Miscellaneous

DFA is proud to announce that Adobe is yet again giving all 500+ DFAers a FREE Adobe Creative Cloud account for the year. This is over a $150k value! DFA is excited to renew this new partnership to equip all of its members with the skills and tools to bring their ideas to life and make … Read More

Studio To Go Box

August 10, 2014Miscellaneous

A huge thanks to Northwestern’s Masters of Science in Engineering Design and Innovation program for building all 21 studios a Studio To Go Toolkit!

DFA Recognized in Core77 Awards!

June 20, 2014Miscellaneous

DFA is proud to announce that we have been recognized by the Core77 awards! As the first runner-up in the Education category, we are incredibly honored to be listed among such a fantastic group of leaders in design and education.

SwipeSense raises $1.7M for connected hand hygiene dispensers in hospitals

May 22, 2014Miscellaneous 1 Comment

Evanston, Illinois-based SwipeSense, which is developing a smart hand hygiene sensor, raised $1.7 million, according to an SEC filing. This brings the company’s total funding to at least $2.5 million to date. SwipeSense is a graduate of the accelerator Healthbox’s first class, which was announced in December 2011. Healthbox helped fund SwipeSense’s first round.

Its Always Bigger in Texas: The “Big D” Review

April 24, 2014Miscellaneous, Studios

(students finished the event with a pitch of their solution)  This past weekend, DFA Rice held an open school event appropriately named, The Big D(esign Challenge) that introduced over 40 students, faculty, and community members to DFA, human-centered design, and Arthrogryposis. The massively successful event was the first of its kind from this new studio. … Read More

DFA Baltimore meets Lexington Market!

April 16, 2014Miscellaneous

“Imagine that something better could be here, other than the things that are typically here…” Brian Greenan, Baltimore City Mayor’s Office DFA Baltimore’s Lexington Market team took to the streets with chalk, a camera, and an empathetic mindset as part of their work on transforming the historic Lexington Market. A historic landmark that been a … Read More

“IDEO Partner Talks to Liz about Life, DFA, and Creativity”

April 4, 2014Miscellaneous

This edition of Creativity at Work features Dr. Liz Gerber. Liz and I taught together in the early days of the Stanford d.school, where I witnessed firsthand the big ball of energy she brings to any learning environment. A truly gifted teacher, Liz has a unique, inspiring point of view on how to shape the classroom experience to … Read More

“…Ask How You Can Design Products for Your Country”

March 14, 2014Miscellaneous

If you start them young, can industrial designers, product designers, roboticists and their cousins in the ‘hard’ design fields learn the skills to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, from childhood obesity to illiteracy to the trials of aging? Finding out has been the work of Design for America for the last five years. Dreamt up by Northwestern … Read More

“Elizabeth Gerber: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Olympic Snowflake”

March 10, 2014Miscellaneous

During the recent Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia– an iconic moment watched by millions around the world– five large synthetic snowflakes were bathed in light. Four of them electronically transformed into Olympic rings. The fifth failed to light up. With more testing of the system ahead of time, it’s highly likely that this very public embarrassment could … Read More