DFA NU Summer Studio Projects

Wow! Who knew 6 weeks could fly by so quickly and that so much could be accomplished in such little time! The DFA Northwestern summer studio, joined by design professionals, just reviewed their concepts to plan out their next steps. Check out what some our reviewers had to say and read about the projects below!

DFA is evidence of the value of interdisciplinary teams and bringing together diverse minds to tackle complex problems.”
– Ric Edinberg. Principal, Insitum

I’m ready to hire them.”
– Christian Long, VP The Third Teacher +


DFA Summer Studio Update

With less than two weeks to final presentations, the summer studio fellows are learning how iterative the design process is as they finalize their ideas and work on their mock-ups and prototypes.

Tinking Team is hands deep in fabric, peg boards, and drafting paper as they prototype activities designed to empower children to tinker…

DFA NU Summer Studio: Mid Review!

Last weeks our teams presented to a round table of reviewers from the design profession in Chicago to discuss their projects and next steps. Below are their presentations! Overall, the teams seem to be the right track and are uncovering some really unique and exciting design opportunities with everything from shower mats for shelters to impulse fruit purchases at the check-out counter. Check out the presentations below and feel free to comment!

DFA NU Summer Studio: Projects Announced!

On Monday July 25, 2011, Design for America Northwestern will enter into it’s third year of Summer Studio. In the past student teams have tackled everything from hand-sanitization in hospitals to putting gardening curriculum in a box to share with all. This year’s projects are no less fascinating.

DFA Recognized by Core77 Awards!

It is our great honor and pleasure to share with you all that we have been recognized by this year’s Core77 Awards! Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards celebrates the richness of the design profession and its practitioners. For their inaugural year, they are presenting 15 categories of entry, providing designers a unique opportunity to communicate the intent, rigor and passion behind their efforts. For this first program, dedicated jury teams based around the globe gathered in eight countries to judge 15 categories of design practice.

DFA’s Aaron Horowitz is a Dell Social Innovation Fellow!!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! DFA Northwestern’s Jerry the Bear team member, Aaron Horowitz has been selected among hundreds as one of this year’s Dell Social Innovation Fellows!!

DFA NU’s BULLSEYE Project Needs Your VOTE!!

This just in! DFA Northwestern is a semi-finalist in this year’s Diabetes Mine Challenge! They need your vote to get in the finals for a chance to win $7000 to turn their idea into a reality!!

Leaches, Bullseyes, Late Night Drinks? Oh My! Innovation for Diabetes Treatment

This just in, our DFA Northwestern Studio has submitted several innovative ideas for this year’s Diabetes Mine Competition. From bio-inspired glucose reading, similar to a mood ring to know when you need to test, to an all in one, super easy and convenient testing device, the NU Teams have brought some serious ideas to the table.

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