Design for America Northwestern Goes to China

November 30, 2015Education, Environment, Health, Leadership, Northwestern, Prototype, Studios

In July 2015, DFA Northwestern members launched the first annual Jiang China Human-Centered Design Challenge. Created by DFA Northwestern student Jenny Wang and alumna Cassie Coravos, the Jiang China HCD Challenge is a two-week design crash course for Chinese college students who want to make a positive social impact. After developing the program over one … Read More

DFA SwipeSense Pitches for $1Million

April 5, 2012Design Phase, DFA Behind the Scenes, Health, Presentation

 On a spot-lit stage Wednesday April 4th, 2012 in downtown Chicago, DFA’s SwipeSense team, Mert Iseri and Yuri Malina stood before more than 250 venture capitalists and angel investors to pitch their idea — a portable, BlackBerry-size hand-sanitation device that attaches to the belt of health care providers. The goal: To raise $1 million for their nascent company, SwipeSense, … Read More

SwipeSense Team Accepted into Healthbox Incubator and Awarded $50,000

December 27, 2011DFA Behind the Scenes, Health, Implement, Northwestern, Process, Profiles 2 Comments

DFA fellows and co-founders Mert Iseri and Yuri Malina have been hard at work developing a solution to the 4th leading cause of death in the United States: hospital-acquired infections, which result in over 90,000 deaths and over $4 billion in costs annually. Their solution is SwipeSense and as of today, they are on their … Read More

DFA Featured on Fast Company Cover!

September 14, 2011Barnard | Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Design, DFA Behind the Scenes, Education, Environment, Health, Northwestern, Press, Profiles, RISD | Brown, Stanford, Studios, U Oregon, UCLA

“With Stars in their Eyes, DFA Students want to change the world,” is the title of Fast Company’s feature on Design for America. And this couldn’t ring more true. As we just witnessed the breadth of energy and enthusiasm from our Summer Leadership Studio, we know that DFA students, now at eight universities throughout the … Read More

DFA NU Summer Studio Projects

September 12, 2011Education, Health, Northwestern 1 Comment

Wow! Who knew 6 weeks could fly by so quickly and that so much could be accomplished in such little time! The DFA Northwestern summer studio, joined by design professionals, just reviewed their concepts to plan out their next steps. Check out what some our reviewers had to say and read about the projects below! … Read More

DFA Summer Studio Update

August 24, 2011Education, Health, Summer Studio

With less than two weeks to final presentations, the summer studio fellows are learning how iterative the design process is as they finalize their ideas and work on their mock-ups and prototypes. Tinking Team is hands deep in fabric, peg boards, and drafting paper as they prototype activities designed to empower children to tinker…

DFA NU Summer Studio: Mid Review!

August 17, 2011Education, Health, Summer Studio

Last weeks our teams presented to a round table of reviewers from the design profession in Chicago to discuss their projects and next steps. Below are their presentations! Overall, the teams seem to be the right track and are uncovering some really unique and exciting design opportunities with everything from shower mats for shelters to … Read More