Everything is Personal with Rich Hollant

July 10, 2020Learning, Mentors, Sparks Series, Uncategorized

From communications design, to public policy work, to anti-racism training, Rich Hollant (founder of CO:LAB) believes in the importance of showing up, folding passion into meaning, and always, always making it personal.  Because everything is personal—business, justice, access, equity. That’s why Rich’s work focuses on amplifying our experiences as a method to challenging dominant systems … Read More

Loss is the Glue That Binds Us Together

July 10, 2020Ideas, Learning, Sparks Series, Uncategorized

The pandemic reminds us that loss is inevitable and hard to talk about. Cole Imperi is set on changing that. As she sees it, loss is the glue the binds us together, giving us a unique opportunity to deeply, meaningfully connect with friends and strangers alike. Using her term Shadowloss, this Thanatologist (someone who scientifically … Read More

DFA Sparks Series: Adapting Your Terrain

May 8, 2020Alumni, Design, Sparks Series, Uncategorized

Despite current uncertainties, Roger Mader is sure of one thing: your ability to adapt is directly linked to your survival. In what Roger described as our “Covidian” environment, design methods for adaptation are essential to surviving times of immense change.  By understanding design’s power in addressing these new challenges, we move towards a more collaborative … Read More

DFA Sparks Series: Learning to Trust Yourself in Times of Uncertainty

April 17, 2020Alumni, Design, Sparks Series, Uncategorized

Jessica Helfand (Design Observer) wants you to practice trust: trust in yourself, your creative process, and the books, songs, interactions, happenings, and tv shows that inspire you. This week’s DFA Sparks Series followed Jessica’s journey in trust. Joined by DFA Yale Student Linna Yao, Jessica shared her new daily essay, The Self-Reliance Project, contemplating what … Read More

Designer, Heal Thyself – Doug Stuart for DFA Sparks Series

April 10, 2020Co-design, Education, Ideas, Leadership, Learning, Presentation, Sparks Series, Uncategorized

Doug Stuart (ThoughtWorks) kicked off the DFA Sparks Series with his presentation “Designer, Heal Thyself.” Doug emphasized a human-centric approach to any project or process. The best way to start? Take the tools you have as designers to better understand users, and use them on your co-workers. Watch his presentation to learn more about how … Read More