Thank you to all who attended our summer series! The DFA Days of Summer has officially passed. Watch the video recordings on YouTube or read our blog. See you next year!

DFA Days of Summer explores, expands, and celebrates the Network’s dedication to community-centered design during times of unprecedented change. Learn, collaborate, and connect with the DFA network through a variety of inspiring and refreshing digital programming throughout the summer!

These are workshops that pair big ideas with the tools you need to approach and tackle them. Learn how design and design-centered tools help create engaging programming, pivot projects, and increase a team’s creative capacity. Learn more here.

🔎 Project Scoping Jams
✏️ MURAL Mondays: Certification
🖌 Career Development Events

These events feature speakers that bring the fire, sparking new questions and perspectives for your projects, teams, and work. Whether you participate in the conversation or listen in the background, these events will inspire you! Learn more here.

⚡️Sparks Series

These meetups and networking events give you the chance to share your fire—yours insights, inspiration, and drive—with teammates, co-workers, fellow students, and friends in the DFA community! Learn more here.

📫 Pen Pal Program
🎒 DFA Studio Kick-Off
🌟 DFA Studio Leadership Kick-Off

How will you experience DFA Days of Summer?

Meet the Speakers

Get excited to meet our diverse guests—experts in design, technology, and education spanning design studios, innovation agencies, creative media companies, non-profits, and more.

Alumni + Friends Newsletter

The DFA Alumni + Friends Newsletter is the go-to-place to learn about student + alumni projects, stack up on must-reads, and stay involved with the Network throughout the Days of Summer experience.

Summertime Swag

Show off your DFA pride this summer with T-shirts, stickers, and more!