Get Involved

DFA equips its students and leaders with the mind-set and skill-set to create social impact. We aim to look locally, create fervently, and act fearlessly.

DFA student leaders are creative, organized, and highly passionate. Learn more about what it takes to be a student leader and about how you as a student can get involved with Design for America. Click here →

Faculty advise student led teams on the campus resources and community networks. Work with enthusiastic students, share your expertise and try out new teaching methodologies to create local and social innovation by being a DFA Faculty Advisor! Click here →

Mentors are professionals in the field who can share their expertise with our teams. Mentor a team and uncover new ways to apply your skills and experience to create social innovation. Link up with a studio in your area today! Click here →

Community Partners
Our community partners are our experts in the fields of health, education, and environment. We need you in order to create meaningful projects. Work with a DFA team and help us create new products or services for your benefactors. Click here →

Interested to see a project move forward or a theme more deeply explored? Become a DFA sponsor and help us grow our social impact! Click here →

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